Sawchik on increased TV revenue

Travis Sawchik pens an article today about the looming TV rights revenue that Clemson can expect to receive for this academic year.

The reasoning behind these high dollar deals is what I find the most intriguing:

Sports Business Journal reporter John Ourand said sporting events, especially pro and college football, are increasingly in-demand commodities.

“It is appointment television or viewers lose a big part of that experience,” Ourand said. “Advertisers are looking for large audiences. (The deals) are based on future growth, the idea that live competitions are not going to draw less people as DVR (proliferates) and more people watch shows over the Web.”

A few things, however, do not get mentioned here.  To my knowledge, this incoming revenue is paid yearly, much like other conference revenues. The athletic department can expect a major windfall, yes, but I’m not sure that they will see a dime before June or July of 2012. The ACC’s failure to recognize the importance of their digital rights and properties is another big issue. By the contract, yes, you can expect to see a lot more ACC sports on ESPN properties, but unlike the Pac-12 contract (and I believe the SEC one as well), ESPN will hold onto the digital rights. Those project to be more and more valuable as the internet infrastructure in the U.S. improves, yet the ACC has basically screwed themselves out of that gravy train for the next 12 years. Once again, Swofford is the sucker at the table.

Update (8:11 am): Somehow managed to quote the article and forget the link. My bad.


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